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« Skate boarding »



Ron Francis est peintre spécialiste du trompe l’oeil.

Il est né Ronald Malcom Francis à Stanmore, Sydney, en Australie en septembre 1954.

Ron Francis peint aussi à l’huile d’étranges scènes poétiques.

L’oeuvre de Ron Francis a été publiée dans Trompe L’Oeil Aujord’hui écrit par Ursula E. et Martin Benad. Le livre a été publié en allemend sous le titre Illusiosmalerei Heute.

Peinture de Ron FRANCIS.  JPEG - 31.5 ko
« Skate boarding »
Peinture de Ron FRANCIS.

Skate boarding - 2003 -
« This image was inspired by a childhood memory. The suburb was somewhere around the north side of Sydney harbour and I was the boy on the skateboard ».
1066 x1116 mm, oil on canvas. (extrait)

Ron Francis - Hanging Man - peinture à l’huile -

This man is in a helpless situation.
He is vainly hanging on to a hole in the wall that he could never fit through.
His vulnerability is reflected in his nakedness.

The inspiration for this painting came from my wife and 3 year old son being overseas in Denmark for six weeks, and my insecurity getting the better of me.

Ron Francis - Interruption - peinture à l’huile.

"Another image from a dream.
When I saw these clouds off in the distance they looked foreboding but when they were this close, I could see that they were moving independently from each other and I knew something was terribly wrong". Ron Francis

Ron Francis - The Lovers - peinture à l’huile
" There is not much I can say about this painting except that it expresses a wish that my wife and I be able to grow old together.

To me, there is more beauty in the couple holding hands than there is in the sunset." Ron Francis

Ron Francis - Vacuum Cleaner - peinture à l’huile
"It is easy for someone to get a little lost in this world, and not be noticed.
This person is harmlessly vacuuming her back yard.
My mother once had a dressing gown just like hers.« Ron Francis »

Ron Francis - Sleepy Hollow - trompe-l’oeil.
peinture utilisant le procédé du TROMPE-L’OEIL.
"This is an experimental work.
If viewed from 45 degrees to the right, the elf should look like he’s breaking out through the canvas.